London may shake up road charges in bid to reduce car emissions

Congestion charge could possibly be scrapped under new proposals .

London could revamp its road charging system to encourage people to ditch cars as the capital looks to reach net zero emissions by the end of the decade.

Sadiq Khan, the city’s mayor, said he was considering scrapping the congestion charge and introducing a new scheme, where drivers pay per mile and face different rates based on a number of factors - including how polluting their car is. Other changes could be introduced until this technology is ready, such as a daily charge for all but the cleanest vehicles across Greater London and a fee for cars coming into the city.

The mayor said it would only be possible to reach London’s goal of net zero by 2030 - which is 20 years before the UK’s target - by reducing transport emissions. He said 25 per cent of the city’s carbon dioxide emissions come from road travel. Campaign groups welcomed the new suggestions to cut the number of cars on the road, saying this would benefit both public health and the climate crisis. It comes just days after the city was hit by a warning of high pollution, which saw at-risk groups of the population told to limit strenous activity outside.

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Mr Khan said he was considering new policies to encourage motorists to switch to greener modes of transport in response to a report he commissioned, which suggested different paths London could take to get to its net zero goal. The chosen one said London needed to cut the number of kilometres travelled by cars by more than a quarter by 2030, as well as having 2.2 million heat pumps installed and a significant drop in heat demand from buildings. London’s mayor said a new road charging system would be needed by the end of the decade to achieve this cut in traffic emissions.

Last October, this area was expanded in a move affecting tens of thousands of motorists.

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