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Ofcom condemns 5G conspiracy theory as nonsense

Written by  Apr 18, 2020

5G has nothing to do with the coronavirus says Ofcom unequivocally.

Ofcom has published a curt response to the widely-circulated conspiracy theory that 5G radio waves have something to do with the coronavirus.

The communications regulator has said there is ‘no scientific basis or credible evidence’ to suggest 5G technology plays any role in the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

It also goes on to condemn the vandalism of telephone masts by the 'misinformed' believing it to be true.

‘Like previous generations of mobile technology, 5G uses radio spectrum,’ the regulator explained.

‘Every device that communicates wirelessly needs spectrum – such as televisions, car key fobs, baby monitors, wireless microphones and satellites. Mobile phones use spectrum to connect to masts so people can make calls and access the internet.’

‘Following the launch of 5G in the UK last year, we published the results of electromagnetic field (EMF) measurements at 16 UK sites, in February. We have continued to test since then and have now published an updated measurement report, which looks at 22 5G sites in 10 UK cities.

‘At every site, emissions were a small fraction of the levels included in international guidelines. These guidelines are set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

‘The maximum measured at any mobile site was approximately 1.5% of those levels – including signals from other mobile technologies such as 3G and 4G. The highest level from 5G signals specifically was 0.039% of the maximum set out in the international guidelines.’

To put it even more simply, your microwave produces more harmful waves than any nearby 5G telephone mast.

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The company’s chief executive spoke out about the problem to try and protect his staff and prevent the ‘misinformation’.

Philip Jansen, who is recovering from mild symptoms of coronavirus, said this was a situation he had ‘never imagined’ – that his staff would be in danger from those who wrongly believe 5G can trigger Covid-19 symptoms or suppress the immune system.

He said: ’11 of our mobile masts have been destroyed or damaged through arson – and 33 across all operators in the UK so far. That may not sound a lot, but if the site that provides coverage to your house gets burned down, it matters.’

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Carl Bryant

Carl comes from a creative tech background in retail and telecoms, his flair and attention to detail is very important to the success of this website. Carl is a freelance journalist who shares his knowledge and experience as well as reviewing tech products for us.

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