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The government has launched its Kickstart Scheme, an incentive for businesses who help at-risk young people get back into work.
Many of us will seek out the WiFi password when going into a building, and the reality for many businesses…
Zoom, the video-conferencing app that has been much used by people working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, suffered a…
How does the UK tech sector feel about remote working during the pandemic?
Beauty brand consultancy, The Red Tree, a beauty start-up will win £150,000 if successful.
It includes devices from thermal scanners to contactless visitor management and is available to O2 business customers – O2 is…
Small and medium sized-businesses (SMEs) in the UK remain “cautiously optimistic” about third-quarter revenue increases after stronger-than-expected performances in the…
With your staff working remotely, there’s a whole new set of challenges to face, but are you ready for them?
10,000+ SME owners have applied for a single £10,000 Business Boost grant from insurer Simply Business, as the coronavirus continues…
The frequent use of personal devices among remote workers is placing organisations at risk of attack, a new report from…
The main two options in VPS hosting are shared and dedicated server hosting.


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