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Connectivity will be key to powering sustainable applications. Before tackling the problem of IoT connectivity, it’s important to understand the…
Although the global number of Internet of Things, or IoT, implementations is rocketing, there’s more to a flourishing network than…
Businesses believe in the long-term value offered by integrating IoT into their business plan, however, they lack the knowledge of…
Thales, Telstra, Microsoft, and Arduino have announced a partnership aimed at enabling the secure connection of IoT devices to the…
Edge computing optimises internet devices and web applications by bringing computing closer to the source of the data, rather than being sent to…
The majority of IoT transactions use little or no basic security, and there is a great deal of unauthorised IoT…
Sensors are the backbone of any IoT deployment. They gather information and provide software with sensory information it needs to…
Vodafone has announced a new portfolio of internet-of-things (IoT) products covering the smart surveillance industry. At they have also expanded…
IoT connected doorbell-maker Ring is now requiring two-factor authentication (2FA) for all users when they sign into their accounts.
Usually Internet of Things is shortened to the IoT, this collective allows devices to connect and talk to each other…
According to a recent report published by Gartner, there will be 5.8 billion enterprise and automotive Internet of Things (IoT)…


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Advantages of selling products online on eCommerce websites

Jan 15 2021 Small Medium Business Carl Bryant

There is no doubt that eCommerce sites offer plenty of advantages to customers. Shopping online gives them admittance to an immense scope of items and stores.

The top earning jobs in the UK 2020

Dec 31 2020 Tech News Karen Turner

Businesses’ increasing reliance on complex data analysis has propelled data modelers to the top of a ranking of the UK’s highest paying jobs, according to figures released by job site giants, Indeed.

Small UK businesses need millions of new aid to survive tougher Covid restrictions

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Small UK businesses have asked the chancellor for millions of pounds in additional support to get them through the latest coronavirus restrictions.

Second-hand laptop: Security risks and solutions

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Buying second-hand devices does have its advantages over buying new, but be prepared.

UK customers want more ways to communicate with businesses

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The pandemic has made British consumers think differently about the way they communicate with their favourite brands and businesses.

Secure Wi-Fi challenges

Jan 07 2021 IT Security Paul Anderson

Over the last while we have all been spending less time coneecting to Wi-Fi hotspots at cafes, hotels, airports or company guest networks.

Vodafone offers UK SMBs free broadband for a year

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Telecoms giant Vodafone has announced it will offer small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) in the UK broadband for free, for an whole year.

Useful online tools to streamline your UK business operations

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Running a business is a huge endeavor. It requires juggling a lot of different moving parts and making sure everything is in proper working order all the time.

Over twenty per cent of Brits say they want to start a business in 2021

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Over twenty per cent of UK adults say they want to start a business in 2021.

UK government postpones publishing digital strategy for 2021

Jan 06 2021 Tech News Karen Turner

The UK's digital strategy, a document designed to serve as a guideline to help the country recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, has been postponed - without a firm deadline being confirmed.