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Apple this year will boldly go where its peers have gone before by implementing support for encrypted DNS in iOS and macOS.

Apple this week released security updates to address over forty vulnerabilities impacting macOS and Safari.

Now that we are all stuck at home people are looking for ways to communicate with friends, family and colleagues and video calling is experiencing a huge boom in popularity.

Apple has gone even further with a new “Pro” version, which adds active noise cancellation (ANC) to an already tempting formula.

The information appears as a timeline and a map of all the places you've visited. Click the cog in the bottom-right corner of the map, choose 'Automatically delete Location History' and select your preference.

The Apple 16in MacBook Pro is a laptop with a bigger screen but without the bulk traditionally associated with a big laptop. A laptop with plenty of power and storage, but with good enough battery life to be carted around.

On top of looking great as their products always do, Twelve South’s sleek HiRise Pro stand serves two purposes:

There are many reasons people spend alot of money on an iMac, particularly the 5K 27in model.


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