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A proxy server – is a computer on the internet which acts as a middle-man between your computer and the website or service you’re using.

The National Cyber Security Centre has received the millionth submission to its Suspicious Email Reporting Service.

NHS Digital is contacting users of its NHSmail email system after a small number of mailboxes were compromised in a generic phishing attack and sent malicious emails out to external recipients over the last weekend of in May 2020.

Cyber criminals have launched a new phishing scam designed to steal personal and financial details of millions of self-employed workers using the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme during the Covid-19 outbreak.

With cyber-attacks on the rise, businesses are constantly worried about losing vital data and the threat is very real.

UK Small and Medium businesses have been forced to accommodate working from home en masse due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The technology priorities of UK businesses are centred squarely on the cyber security challenges presented by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus outbreak has seen the quantity of phishing attacks skyrocket over the past three months.

The rollout of 5G across the UK is well underway, providing download speeds of up to 10 times faster than 4G.

Stored data goes into the ether somewhere and you rely on the likes of Microsoft and Apple to keep your data safe, but how safe is it?

The easiest way for a cyber-attacker to gain access to sensitive data is by compromising an end user’s identity and credentials.

The vast majority of data breaches that occurred last year were a result of human error, says a new report from CybSafe.

Corporate network security breaches, which can prove costly to remediate and expose a company to lawsuits, are frequently the result of vulnerabilities that could have been fixed for a relatively low cost.

Of all reported incidents in 2019, almost half were related to phishing attacks.

So, I suggest the following firewall best practices to prevent file-encrypting malware attacks from infiltrating a network laterally. And they are as follows-

Online threats are varied and they don’t discriminate organisations from individuals when looking for a target, they don't care.

The sheer number of social media users around the world means that platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are proving to be golden opportunities for cyber criminals.

There is no shortage of data breaches and vulnerabilities that have very real financial and reputational consequences for businesses.

Microsoft is working on enhancing the notification system for quarantined malware or phishing messages for admins in all Microsoft 365 environments, with the new feature to roll out to customers in a matter of weeks.

What is Phishing?

Jul 13, 2020

Like actual fishing, it’s no fun to be on the end of the hook. Phishing is defined as the fraudulent use of electronic communications to deceive and take advantage of users.

Phishing will continue to be persistent, so it’s important that companies tackle the issue with a strong strategy and tools to back this up.

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