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Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO

Over twenty per cent of UK adults say they want to start a business in 2021.

When it comes to starting an eBay seller business, many people would assume a large startup investment is needed.

Small and medium sized-businesses (SMEs) in the UK remain “cautiously optimistic” about third-quarter revenue increases after stronger-than-expected performances in the second quarter.

The UK’s healthtech sector has rallied its world-class talent and skills to help in the fight against coronavirus, as startups work side by side with big tech companies to provide new services and technology.

YouTube is a hugely popular social media platform, with an enormous number of users visit this social network every day.

The UK government has announced a two-part £1.25 billion bailout package to help startups and SMEs throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Technology manufacturers cater to both home users and businesses. The SoHo (small office, home office) market compared to the home user comes extra costs and complications.

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