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Choose The Right IT Support Package For your Small Business

Aug 27 2020 Small Business Peter Flynn

IT support choices for small businesses can be overwhelming as there are so many different options and packages available.

To VPN or not to VPN for UK business users

Oct 21 2020 Tech News Peter Flynn

It’s a question many organisations are asking as they work to provide secure and reliable remote access at scale.

Zoom apologises for global outage

Aug 25 2020 Tech News Karen Turner

Zoom, the video-conferencing app that has been much used by people working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, suffered a partial failure that left thousands of people in the US, UK and across the world unable to connect to work meetings or classes.

IT security professionals and trust in remote workers

Aug 22 2020 IT Security Paul Anderson

The concept of trust arises out of human needs to live socially and rely on others to act cooperatively, and trust within the digital society is no different.

What is shadow IT?

Sep 01 2020 Tech Help and Advice Paul Anderson

Many of us will seek out the WiFi password when going into a building, and the reality for many businesses is that the majority of their employees will have signed into the network with their mobile phones, tablets, and increasingly their smart watches.

Passwords are about security not love

Nov 29 2020 IT Security Paul Anderson

You use long passphrases with letters and numbers. Well thought out passwords.

Majority of millennials now expect a flexible working week

Nov 11 2020 Business Site Admin

25-34-years-old will probably expect more flexibility in their typical working week in a post COVID-19 world, according to new research.

The pluses and minuses of remote working in the UK tech sector

Aug 24 2020 Tech News Karen Turner

How does the UK tech sector feel about remote working during the pandemic?

Claim the Government's Kickstart Scheme business grant

Sep 04 2020 Finance Karen Turner

The government has launched its Kickstart Scheme, an incentive for businesses who help at-risk young people get back into work.

What is Data Encryption?

Sep 07 2020 IT Security Guest Contributor - Richard Clewes Tech Expert

Data encryption translates data into another form, or code, so that only people with access to a secret key or password can read it.

LinkedIn phishing emails warning

Nov 13 2020 IT Security Paul Anderson

Be aware of top-clicked LinkedIn phishing emails include such subject lines as “You appeared in new searches this week!”, “Please add me to your Linkedin network”, and “Join my network on LinkedIn”.

Networking Tips To Advance Your IT Security Career

Aug 31 2020 Tech Help and Advice Guest Contributor - Keith Marks

Many of the positions I have held in my corporate security career rely on my ability to accurately assess an individual or an event.

How to build an eBay seller business with less than £100

Dec 02 2020 Small Business Sam Billings

When it comes to starting an eBay seller business, many people would assume a large startup investment is needed.

Tips to help secure your cloud data in the UK

Sep 10 2020 Cloud Computing Sam Billings

In this digital age, it’s not a great idea to trust someone with your sensitive data.

Is your Microsoft365 data as safe as you think it is?

Aug 25 2020 IT Security Paul Anderson

The fact that most vendors do not provide data protection alongside its other services, will come as a surprise to some.

7 Tips For Growing Your UK Business

Nov 18 2020 Small Business Peter Flynn

These tips here will help you succeed with your business. If the business strategy you have lacks in a given area, then it is important to deal with it.

Good reasons to use a proxy server

Nov 09 2020 IT Security Paul Anderson

A proxy server – is a computer on the internet which acts as a middle-man between your computer and the website or service you’re using.

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